Wednesday, April 29, 2009

black and white contour

i checked out Iluma, the new entertainment centre, while at Bugis area today. When i reached the building, the topographic look-a-like design ceiling immediately caught my attention. i think it has one of the most interesting ceiling on the island.

Remember to look up the next time you’re there!
Designed by WOHA architects.


sugarxnspice said...

it's WOHA ;)

The ceiling & floor patterns kinda drive you into some kinda psychedelia huh?

Jon said...

trippy! need to pay this place a visit, even though the exterior facade scares me. and yeah its woha

i think i know the person who commmented above me...hello! this blogusphere is small!

one little journey said...

i've read and checked before i hit enter, yet still tricked by my eyes. i blamed it on ceiling :-p

its WOHA now. thanks!