Friday, December 18, 2009

wishes are free

1. Paul Smith for Apple – 15" mini cooper sleeve 2. Paul Smith – City classic 3. Paul smith for Apple – leather case for iPhone 4. From head to toe – A book about how to wear graphics 5. Coco Chanel : A biography 6. Rob Ryan – 10th Annversity Westbourne House plate 7. Handwritten cards from you and you 8. Anything that is in this box 9. Some good luck 10. A free trip to Paris (or Barcelona, Prague, South Africa) 11. Marimekko mug 12. Marimekko plate 13. A big bouquet of exotic flowers 14. Alex and Chloe – Bauhaus Paris necklace 15. 15" MacBook Pro and magic mouse 16. Mimi for Tate – leather shoulder bag 17. Robert Indiana – love pin 18. A call from You 19. Snow 20. Ukulele

Most of the stuffs are what i happened to see online, i can go on and on, so don’t take them too seriously. But of course, i wouldn’t mind any of these for Christmas :-p


Jo said...

i could call you... ;)

Merry Christmas!

one little journey said...

now my wish is for the cable set up box to be working again. immediately! alone at home with no tv is damn boring!