Tuesday, December 1, 2009


i love this walnut and cranberry toast.
i am no more drinking hot mocha.
i have become a latte drinker.
for no reason.
it’s December.
it’s official.
it’s year end.
it’s a little sad.
but i feel great.
i am contradicting.
i bought a 2-in-1 cardigan/scarf.
the weather is hot.
i have no chance of wearing it.
it’s a perfect excuse to travel.
to be a traveller.
to somewhere cold.
on my own.


Jo said...

this time of the year does things to people. put weird thoughts in them. nostalgic thoughts...

you should go somewhere not that cold. somewhere a little chilling~ then can show off your lovely cardigan! ;)

one little journey said...

probably will go somewhere in jan... but only if there are no projects coming. work is first priority now, i am a changed person :-p