Thursday, December 3, 2009


A R R A N G I N G, an exhibition by Atelier Hoko, Singapore Design Festival 2009.
i love this installation, especially this set of ‘archives’. i guess that’s because i am one of those who loves to arrange and record down things and thoughts all the time. Oh and i love anything handwritten.

i have to say that i was quite disappointed with the overall exhibition this year. Not because of the exhibit works but the attitude towards the event. i went on the last day of the exhibition at The City Hall (30 Nov) and saw: 1) Some of the exhibits looked like they had been neglected, the conditions were not good. 2) A few rooms were not yet open around noon time when the opening hours is 10am – 7pm. 3) Some exhibits had already been cleared. Same for The Arts House (exhibition from 20 Nov – 4 Dec). The big standing poster at the entrance shouted Singapore Design Festival but i couldn’t find any exhibition at all. i was told that they had cleared the exhibits the night before when checked with the guys at the ticket counter.

i don’t think i should be punished (so were those tourists who thought they managed to catch the exhibition on the last day) just because i couldn’t make it earlier. i kind of lost interest in the rest of the exhibitions, don’t think i will go to the rest. i’ve only took a few pictures this time round which is rare. Usually, i am always busy taking down notes and pictures of interesting artwork. Well, hope it gets better next time round.


Jo said...

this reminded me of the time we "sneaked" into the museum MOCA free of charge becoz it was their last day and they were about to close. hahaha... ;p

one little journey said...

they were so kind! it also showed that they appreciated people who wants to know more about their exhibitions. Such positive attitude towards arts.

Stine Marie said...

♡Love stuff like this:)