Wednesday, December 16, 2009

a few things

Developed a stack of photos of my niece and me.
We looked really happy.
Need to buy a photo album.
Watched a musical play over the weekend.
It wasn’t as good as i had expected but nevertheless still good.
i guess because i am never a fan of fairytales.
So the problem lies with me.
i told my niece her balloon’s name is Kikko after it stopped floating.
(my sis’s puppy has the same name)
Now she walks the ‘dog’ everyday.
And her ‘dog’ is shrinking by the day.
i’ve finally started going for yoga classes.
Need to balance myself better.
Took a nap in the evening because i only slept 4 hours last night.
Now i am wide awake at 12 midnight.
Getty images sent me an invitation to sell some of my food images.
i had a delicious break today.
i am hungry now.


Jo said...

yeah, i think playing with you is jiuri's "bestest" activity of the day. ;)

i just bought 2 more Mickey Mouse albums (320pcs each) for Joel's photos the other day. there's a whole stack of photos on my table which couldnt fit into his old albums. big storage is important for me...and Mickey does it for Joel too. but i'm sure u will go for nice design. hahaha... ;p

one little journey said...

Might get it from Print. i don't have that many pieces, just a small album to stick on it will do :-)