Sunday, December 6, 2009

OH! (dear)

These are four of my favourites from OH! Open House exhibition.

(1) i love these deep intense coloured background. The paintings are of common object but yet they feel surreal.

(2) Be it in a group, or individually, these prints are awesome!

(3) Printed using actual leaves, the texture is gorgeous.

(4) Such beautiful detailed patterns. i’m so going to get a magnifying glass to scrutinise things around me.

4 – 6 December 2009
Wilkie Edge & Niven Road

As there were two parts of the exhibitions, i thought the opening hours (6 to 11pm) stated on the website can be more detailed to avoid any disappointment. i was there at 9:40pm, Friday and was told that the last tour exhibition was at 9:30pm. My first thought was: “Oh dear! It’s happening again” (see previous post). It was so disappointing not to be able to catch all the exhibitions after making a trip down.

i did managed to drag myself back the next day for the guided tour at Niven Road. However, instead of viewing 8 art homes (information from the leaflet and website), there were only 6. And 2 of which were studios. To be frank, i think they looked too bare to be real studios. They were practically empty except for the few art pieces on display.

On top of these, there were at least two installations i remembered that were also at Blackout which i thought it’s a little too soon to exhibit again.

Having said all these, i did enjoy myself and its an exhibition worth catching.

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Unknown said...

Yes so attractively alluring to the sights!!