Sunday, August 16, 2009

weekend blues

Taken at The Mussels Guys restaurant. 
No, i didn’t spot any hunk with muscle, but their set meal was value for money. 
And i like the tin container for empty shells.
The coffeeshop that i frequent the most on weekends. 
Love their traditional toast and tea.


Jo said...

There's a mussels place in Paris that Elvis likes too. They serve the mussels in those "heavy-weight" pans...and also tin container for empty shells. Looks yummy even though i dont eat mussels. ;p

Recently, i've been buying the kaya from BreadTalk! We're kinda addicted. ;)

one little journey said...

i started loving mussels when in london. there was a belgium restaurant there and their mussels darn nice, goes perfectly with their fat fries and sparkling water. so missss!