Saturday, August 15, 2009

a typical work/sleep day

My working and sleeping cycle has gone haywire these few months. 

A typical work-from-home day would be:
1130 hrs : (plus and minus) wake up “naturally” (no alarm clock) / shower
1200 hrs : lunch–half a bowl of porridge, vegetable and one other dish followed by coffee
1230 hrs : check emails, blogs, facebook, flickr, twitter
1330 hrs : start to work (depending on the urgency, will start earlier if need to)
1615 hrs : break
1645 hrs : resume work
1800 hrs : dinner–quarter bowl of rice, vegetable, soup and one other dish 
1900 hrs : resume work
2100 hrs : tv time (only if there is a drama series that interest me)
2145 hrs : shower
2200 hrs : resume work
2400 hrs : catching up on online stuffs / tv time
0100 hrs : read
0300 hrs : (plus and minus) sleep, depending what time my eyes decide to rest

And when there is no work, i will replaced those hours with daydreaming.
How bad is that?


kellykylie said...

sounds good to me!

Jo said...

and i bet there's the Jiuri-Happy-Hour in all of this! ;)

one little journey said...

kelly: it's good only when there's no work! i feel guilty waking up so late.

jo: her happy hour is my meal time :-D