Monday, August 24, 2009

more eats and reads

Scones at Royal Copenhagen followed by books at Kinokuniya.

i will be travelling by books before my next real trip.


Jo said...

i'm sure before you even finish these books, your next trip is UP! ;)

kellykylie said...

oh yea, my sis LOVES the scones there too.. i love the china they use there... so dainty and pretty!

one little journey said...

Jo: i certainly hope so! (but gg to msia is not counted)

Kelly: me too! how i wish i have them for my break photos.

one little journey said...

kelly: i meant the fine china not the scones :-p

kellykylie said...

hahaha yes i figured. :p

btw, i took a second look at ur books and noticed Ewan Mcgregor in there... lemme kno how that is when u've read it, pls? :)