Thursday, August 20, 2009

three months

One day... three days... a week... a month... three months... 
Very soon we will become strangers.

three months.
i have heard nothing. 
from you.
i can’t see what lies ahead of us.
and is afraid to imagine what will become of us.

please let there be light in the morning.
even if its a little.
to warm my heart again.

even if its a little.


kellykylie said...

this post makes me sad. :(

one little journey said...

me too.

but glad that i am only emotionally affected once in a while. most of the time, i am fine.

kellykylie said...

well we have to be sad once in a while to know what happiness is.. even if there is nothing to cry for, sometimes i like to have a good cry, be it watching a sappy drama or reading a tragic love story.. i normally feel good after a good cry. *shrugs shoulders*

i hope u r feeling happy today!