Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rockstar shopping

i love this new store, Rockstar, at Cineleisure L3. It’s a pity that some of my photos turned out blurry... 
Well, i am shifting the blame to: 
1. tiredness–worked till almost 4am the night before
2. wobbly hands–lugging a heavy bag from my book shopping earlier on 

i was also a little over-whelmed by the wide varieties of interesting merchandise (and in-store display) and couldn’t decide what to get. This is quite rare since i am usually a very decisive shopper. i didn’t want to do any impulsive buy (since my mind was half-floating the whole time due to lack of sleep) and ended up with just a blouse and a pair of shorts. But i am definitely going back for more, especially the sneakers!

Go check it out!


kellykylie said...

it's so lovely.. very haji lane-ish!

one little journey said...

good eyes! it's by soonlee in haji lane

Jo said...

and i'm sure they're friendly too...that's why u help to "promote" them on your blog. (i'm reminded of the customer-unfriendly choco place. keke... ;p