Tuesday, December 28, 2010

big apple

i recovered these few free pin buttons while packing my cabinet just now. i’ve had them (and possibility a lot more) for as long as i can remember. The apple has to be the biggest pin button i ever had, it came together with a Japanese magazine. Among these, three were from OH! exhibition* last year. i remembered i was hoping to get buttons of Marisa Keller’s work but they were packed randomly in a small black holder and you have no idea which are the ones inside. Oh well, i’m sure i will have better luck next time :-)

*OH!2011 is back and this time round to Marine Parade. The ‘art walkabout’ will be held on two weekends – 8/9 & 15/16 January 2011. Do check out their website for more details and also catmarx’s blog on the exhibition updates. i am quite excited to explore it myself, maybe i’ll see you there? :-)

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