Thursday, December 30, 2010

the last of 2010

i’ve always love moving into a new year. It feels like life getting a fresh start from point zero – the bad things will be left behind and the good things will get even better. And since i’ve decided to make some changes to my rather stagnant freelancing life, i’m pretty excited about it. Will elaborate when the time is ripe.

For now, some updates on my etsy shop :-)

These are the ‘props’ that i used for the shop banner. It wasn’t planned, i just happened to have the shot and while browsing through iphoto, the picture suddenly screamed banner, so there it is.

Printed some happy cloud stickers with the shop website on it for use as part of the packaging. Before, i had no patience for gift wrap at all, but now it has become one of the most enjoyable process. i get really excited and thrilled whenever i received my online purchases, especially if they came in a nicely wrapped packaging. And i am hoping that i can make others feel the same way too.

Some new prints – The dancing baby koi will liven any spirit, and the magical stars is perfect for the romantic daydreamer.

3 p.m. breaks calendar. i found some really nice paper to print on today, they’re more expensive than the current one that i’m using, but i feel that it’s totally worth it. So new orders will be printed on the new paper! Yeay!

Custom design calendars are also available. Just email me the photos that you like and i will do up the layout for you.

Happy New Year!

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