Sunday, September 19, 2010

the wet market

The wet market in LiHu Town (里湖镇) was a bustling scene of crowds, motorbikes, bicycles,
occasional cars and colourful umbrellas (brought by the morning drizzle), about 15 mins
bike ride away from the village.

Most locals done their marketing on a motorbike or bicycle and shop from stall to stall.

If i heard it correctly, the rental for setting up a stall per day was just RMB1, irregardless of
the area size occupied. The man in the above picture only had a basket of vegetable and a
traditional weighing scale with him.

There were many different types of dried goods on sale, many of which i don’t recognise.
But then, i’m one of those who don’t usually cook.

i cringed at the sight of these live animals (some familiar, others not) waiting to be
slaughtered, (thus the lack of photos). Nevertheless, it was still a rewarding trip of sight,
smell and hearing (of both humans and animals).

The trip to the wet market was interesting but i am definitely glad to be back shopping
in a supermarket :-)

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