Tuesday, September 21, 2010

walking around (part 1/2)

The first stop was the area where my then young grandpa used to live with his first and
second wives (my grandma in Singapore was his third) before leaving his hometown and
braved his way to foreign land. The houses there must have been around for more than a
century*. Many of which were already deserted after new ones were built, just like grandpa’s
house. Interestingly, the entrances looked more like temples rather than houses, especially
each had their unique names hanging right on top of the main door. We went to visit the old
house where grandpa used to live, it was small and dark, with some old photos still hanging
on the wall. There was a small water pump at the front porch area. We tried pumping and
surprisingly, there was still water supply (from what i heard, the pumped water comes from
a well).

*i did a quick calculation: grandpa passed away in his eighties and i think that was
almost twenty years ago. i only knew about his other family in China a few years later
after grandma passed away when i was still a kid. My beloved grandma was a jealous
wife, though she allowed her husband to send money to his family in China regularly,
he wasn’t allowed to speak of them. Well, this will be another story... maybe next time.

One of the neighbours proudly showed us his bees and let us sampled the honey.

A tiny provision shop.

More pigsty.

In my sis’s words, this picture showed ‘racial harmony’ :-)

Saw a few banner advertisments along the way on camel food. But i don’t see any camel
around. Strange, isn’t it?

This was in another area. A tile factory. We saw some houses were building extension to the
second/third floor, so i guess these tiles were somewhat in demand.

Might be another deserted place.

Another small provision shop. i like the area’s primitive way of advertising – so
unprofessionally cool.

More shops.

Many of these repeats advertisements around.

Ahh... crowded!

Home and motorbike repairing services 2-in-1.

Everything in the village neighbourhood looks interesting to me. Maybe that’s because it’s
so different from life in the city. More to come!

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Jo said...

those pigs look long & lean! different from cartoon pigs. keke... ;p