Thursday, September 16, 2010

house in the village

My sis and i accompanied our parents to visit my grandpa’s hometown in PengHe Village (蓬和村),
PuNing City (普宁市) for about 11 days. It is a small Teochew village slightly less than 3 hours drive
from Shantou Airport, China. i’m pretty sure none of my friends have heard of the place before and
neither have i before this trip. Since there wasn’t much things to do in the village, i spent most of the
time taking pictures.

Entrance of the house

The big gate (view from inside the house)

The passage way where everyone loves to hang around when the weather is nice.

View from the second floor rooftop. Most of the houses there are only single storey.

It rained quite a bit during our stay. Even the dog looked bored. Ha!

More interesting pictures later! i hope the large images won’t take too long to load.

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