Sunday, September 19, 2010

the town

Walking further down from the wet market, we came to a more organised part of the town.
There were shops rather than stalls, the streets were cleaner and less crowded.

Oops! i got caught taking pix at strangers again.

Check out the colour of the sky, it was going to rain again.

Side entrance of a provision shop.

Writing services along a small side lane. The old man was helping to write names on
invitation cards.

A noodle shop. Buying freshly made noodles to be cooked at home. The boss was trimming
thin sheets of dough into smaller pieces.

Motorbikes and bicycles repairing services.

Cooked food stalls.

Beef noodle soup. i had my breakfast here.

LiHu Town (里湖镇), PengHe Village (蓬和村)

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jooja! said...

Wah the beef noodles look good!