Thursday, March 4, 2010

make noise

i had a bit of free time yesterday and decided to quickly drop by Noise Singapore. It was between my yoga practise and dinner apppointment (only less than 15 minutes), and had to scan through the works really fast. So some of the pictures above were shot from the booklet given.

i like the way how some of the prints were displayed in ‘colour separation’ format (although actual colour separation prints would have bleeding out of the crop marks, but they do look like the real thing). It feels as though we are looking at the process rather than just the end product. In which this case, goes well with the theme “Tools of Creativity”. There are some really interesting pieces on display, check it out if you happen to be around the area.

Raffles City, Level 3
26 February to 10 March

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chinghar said...

Thanks for 'introducing'. Will be going to take a look during lunch time. 'Yawn!' Enough of children stuff. Time for some artistic inspiration!