Friday, March 26, 2010

memories in a bag

Went to The Bag exhibition yesterday. It was rather interesting looking at old advertisements and packagings. However, taking the photographs was a challenge as there were lots of reflection with spotlight all over the place. These are the few better ones after major cropping!

In the beginning was the ratten basket. In 1950s, new kraft paper was imported, using one colour letterpress printing before moving to offset printing in the 80s.

The Carlsberg PVC carrier bag was rad! Also was the long rectangle-shaped Red House Katong Bakery plastic bag printed with its iconic building graphic, imagine a loaf of old-style bread fitting nicely in it, perfect.

Ovaltine and Milo! The must-have drinks during Sports Day that came in big container. Even though the advertisment was nothing like these during school days, but i was feeling really nostalgic... awww childhood memories :-)

More familiar brands like 7-up, Yaohan, Katong Emporium, C.K Tang and Robinson. Lastly, look closely at the paper carrier next to 7-up, what a hilarious name! Can’t they name it ‘Rooster Brand’ instead? Ha!

National Art Museum, The Balcony, Level 2
Till 18 April 2010


Jo said...

this exhibition is so cool~ love it! thanks so much for posting these pix! ;)

one little journey said...

hey! it did cross my mind that you will be interested to see too if you are here. how i wish the pictures are better taken :-p

kellykylie said...

i love your photos, babe!

THE MAMA said...

Oh I missed this coz was at the Mummy exhibit for too long... :o(