Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the ‘before’ covers

These were the initial proposed book covers and slipcases for the Stamps Collection book last year. The theme was Botanical, based on one of the stamp series launched in 2009 – 150 years of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The top image was the first proposed visual. The theme botanical was presented in a graphical way to give a modern feel. And to illustrate the idea of both the past and present of Botanic Garden, a pearl shimmering paper was chosen for the slipcase (represent today’s modern image) and a raw texture paper for the cover (unwrap to discover the long history of nature). Clients’ main concern was ‘too many die-cuts’, they wanted to make sure there will be no issue during the production, also it wasn’t ‘green’ enough. Hence, the die-cut was revised to emboss and the colours to green.

Option 2 – Nurture (rain). Growth (plants). Nature (earth).
The slipcase is to be debossed with botanical line images on raw cardboard with a highly glossy print sticker for the title. The cover takes on the colour and effect from the cover sticker – silver printed line images on glossy bright green paper. Clients were not keen on this and it died after the first presentation.

After some time, clients decided they wanted to feature The Blue Pea Vine on the cover instead. This was followed by x rounds of revisions (i totally lost track) and finally the cover was completed after several months.

i hope i’ll have the chance to ‘recycle’ these designs :-)


Hope Chella said...

These are gorgeous :)


one little journey said...

thanks Hope :-)

Hope Chella said...

You're welcome and thanks again!!! :D


Jo said...

太美了啦! ;)

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