Thursday, March 4, 2010

moon & light

i saw these two images on my messy desktop and decided to daydream along with all the songs related to moon/moonlight on my itunes. These are what i got:
1. Backdrifts (Honeymoon is over) – Radiohead (Weird song. My favs from Radiohead remains as Fake Plastic Trees and High And Dry all these years, while Last Flowers is my No. 2 top most played on itunes, a total of 237 times)
2. Dancing in the Moonlight – David Kitt (don’t remember i heard this before. It was okish)
3. In a manner of speaking – Nouvelle Vague (don’t know why this came up from the search, but i !)
4. The moon – Cat Power (weird)
5. Moon – Sia (weird)
6. Moondance – Michael Bublé
7. Old devil moon – Jamie Cullum
8. Sail to the moon (Brush the cobwebs of the sky) – Radiohead
9. Shoot the moon – Norah Jones
10. Still holding my stomach in – The Tenderfoot (again i don’t know why this is here. Weird song)
11. Under The Moonlight – Travis (!)
12. 中國戲曲: 月兒彎彎照九州 – 趙徫平 (In the mood for love soundtrack)
13. 六月和十二月 達明一派 (wow i haven’t listen to 黃耀明 for so long! Love his voice)
14. 心中的日月 王力宏
15. 殘酷月光 林宥嘉 (!)
16. 風月寶鑑 黃耀明
17. 166日晴 陳奕迅

18. 2005月光閃耀 王心凌 (What? i used to listen to her songs? *blush*)

Conclusion: i have many (weird) songs that i don’t even know of their existence.

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