Thursday, January 7, 2010

the very last of 09 and the first of 10

New Year Eve afternoon.
Went movie with Beck – The Treasure Hunter (don’t bother to watch if you haven’t).
Then tea break at Marché. That’s me with my photo-taking pose (as usual).

Korean dinner with family. i hardly ate, was still full from tea break.

Next, met up Jean for drinks. So tempted to share her sandwich but i really couldn’t eat anymore.
Oh gosh i’m still at eating and food! Maybe i should changed the title to the very last EATING of 09...

Pretending i was in Japan for New Year Eve.

Waiting for countdown.
We found a nice spot along the river with cool breeze and away from the crazy crowd.

Cheers! Happy New Year everyone!

i’m kind of still in an after-holiday-recuperating mood... in short, lazy, thus the lack of updates. The series of holiday events had left me feeling very tired (but happy) – christmas pressies shopping, christmas dinner (and preparation), boxing day drinks, new year eve, friend’s wedding in muar, followed by my niece’s birthday the day after.

i hope you had a good one too.


Unknown said...

What is this place u went too with becky taking photo?? looks really nice!

BTW, I've been wondering which camera model are u using..hahaha!!

one little journey said...

it's Marché @ 313 and i'm using lumix LX3.