Saturday, January 9, 2010

so what if i am free

i hate it when people asked me “Are you free?” and stop short at that. It means that i will be forced to commit in whatever that person has in mind if i said I AM FREE. It’s a trap obviously. Show some respect. Give me a choice. Exercise some basic courtesy. Ask if i would like to be in your plans or activities instead.

Because even if i have all the time in the world, it doesn’t mean i have to do whatever you have in mind.

Another thing i hate is when people deliver ‘extra’. When i am asked ‘dinner’, ‘movies’ or whatever, i expect the regular company. Don’t tell me we’re meeting with so and so only after i agreed to your dinner plans. Or worst, take me to a bunch of strangers at the last minute when i have no choice of backing out. i am not being arrogant or unfriendly, but there are times when i don’t feel like socialising, especially when i had a tired day and just want to relax and have a simple dinner.

In order to avoid the above scenario, i am being forced to say i am busy most of the time.
Sorry i can’t go out with you.


Jo said...

i know what you mean... :/

their bad.

KIKILALA said...

I so agree!!

jooja! said...

i always ask “WHY?!” with a suspicious look.

one little journey said...

Jus: and i can totally imagine the look on your face.