Saturday, January 9, 2010

a muar wedding

All we in Muar last Saturday was stopping at the banquet hall, dinner and home.

The trip started well with good traffic condition at Woodlands causeway. Lucky us!

Cloudy weather all day, nice and cool for long distance travelling.

Stopover for lunch at Johor Bahru. Excuse the presentation, but this chicken burger was tender, juicy and yummy!
Did a bit of shopping before driving to Yong Peng (it was on the way to Muar) where my friend bought a big bag of passion fruits. i’ve never seen so many of them in my life before. We got lost a bit after that and finally reached Muar slightly after 7pm, just in time for the wedding.

The lovely couple and the delicious dinner. My favourite is the deep fried bun.
These are almost all the photos i had for this trip. It’s a shame that we didn’t have time to explore Muar.
Till next time.


Jo said...

if the deep fried buns are your fav (at the wedding dinner), it leaves me wondering what were the other delicacies. keke... ;p

anyway, (yummy) food is kinda secondary at a wedding dinner... what's more important is people you share the table with...a happy or boring 2-hour...and hopefully, we wont still be hungry after the dinner. haha! ;)

one little journey said...

actually all the dishes are very yummy! but you know how much i love bread :-p

luckily there was only once that i was still hungry after the dinner. think i told u b4... if u still rmb. hehe

Jo said...

yeah...that was what i was "hinting". ;p

one little journey said...

ahhh of cos!

KIKILALA said...

Next time if you drop by Yong Peng, try the black Hokkien Noodles. It is delicious!!

one little journey said...

reminds me of the black sauce oyster noodles i had in malacca, so yummy! miss!!!