Sunday, January 24, 2010

last meals

i don’t mean to scare you, but these are prints of convicted killers and their selected last meals before execution.

Last Meals exhibition at the tunnel, Esplanade, by Jonathon Kambouris ends today.


kellykylie said...

it's very morbid.. but insightful. makes me wonder what i would choose as my last meal.

and no doubt it will be my mommy's food.. if she is still ard to cook for me, that is.

otherwise, will u cook for me your infamous korean maggi mee? :p

Justina said...

aiyah!!! i would've wanted to go see!!! i know some of them!!! hahahahahaha... oh well...

one little journey said...

i was actually surprised of the food that they had selected. i guess those who chose fast food meals and lobsters can satisfied food craving, but salad? pitted olive? But again, no one can understand what they're feeling at that last moment.

Kelly: of cos i will cook for you that is if i'm still arnd!

jus: i take it that u knew them from the papers and not personally.

kellykylie said...

i thot abt it seriously, since justina says she knew some of them.

if i were awaiting a death sentence.. i doubt i will have any appetite at all! i will probably jus have something to munch to keep myself from feeling so nervous.

Aaron said...

I actually feels sad instead of scare! It must have been really complex feeling at that moment!