Monday, September 7, 2009

melaka: the streets

It was drizzling lightly when we first arrived in the morning and after that, it was very hot weather throughout both days. Walking under the scorching sun, with no shelter and hardly any trees, i was tired and perspired like mad. Back at the hotel at night, my skin was all red and felt as if it was burning. Nevertheless, it was a good trip and i still love walking on the streets of Malacca.

A famous shop that sells local snacks and food products.

A typical coffeeshop.

Looking through the window of Stadthuys Museum.

Maybe i should have carried an umbrella just like them... only if i was without a camera.

Floral pants and tops in fashion.

A famous Teochew Restaurant with the kitchen right at the entrance. To dine here, one must make reservations in order to get a table. i am missing the dark sauce noodle from here, it’s the best i’ve ever eaten.

It was early in the morning and i definitely stood out on the empty street. Thus, both motorists were looking in my direction.

We parked our car at the alley (the hotel carpark) next to this building.


Jo said...

Thanks for showing me Malacca through your camera lens. Lovely shots as always! ;)

one little journey said...

aww... thanks!