Friday, September 18, 2009

day two

i’m glad i went for the dinner tonight. In fact, i felt better the moment i stepped out of the house. Strange. i always thought it would have been better if i stay indoors to avoid the haze. Anyway, i had a yummy steak dinner at New Harbour Cafe & Bar, and best of all, a nice long catch-up with three old friends.


THE MAMA said...

Wow!! Food looks yummy!!

Jo said...

i guess going out is always fun - no matter what happens. (suddenly, i'm reminded of the mad man you saw. haha!)

one little journey said...

you have good memory! my mum and jiuri encountered the same mad man after me. as usual, jiuri was super friendly and waved to the guy. my mum panicked cos he started following them for quite a distance. scary!