Tuesday, September 8, 2009

melaka: and everything else

Bicycles parked against the wall of Hoe Kee Chicken Rice.

At the touristy Red Square.

Chilling out at The Baboon House.

Hotel Puri. View from a 4th floor window – looking ahead and down (breakfast area).

Not sure what’s this for, looked like a newly built area. 

Cute coffee cup at a coffeeshop.

Lots of interesting stuffs at the Red Handicrafts shop.

Nyonya rice dumplings at Nancy’s Kitchen.


Yao said...

Those pics are lovely!

Jo said...

The blue "animal" is similar to the traditional tiger i told you i bought in Shanghai...although mine looks nicer. ;)

I LOVE Nyonya rice dumplings!!!

one little journey said...

thanks yao :-)

one little journey said...

Jo: i think the tiger looks idiotic, quite cute. the whole range looks nice though, i like the fabric they used.