Sunday, September 25, 2011

long weekend KL

Went on an impromptu short trip to KL last week with 2 friends. It was one of the most
relax trips i had in years (which was what we wanted). We have nothing specific in mind
except looking forward to eating good food ha!

i didn’t take a lot of pictures this time cos it rained everyday for a few hours. Most of the
time it was just drizzling, making the weather less hot which was actually good. We were
stuck in the rain on our way back to the hotel on the last day and i took the above pictures.
Otherwise, i would probably ended up with 90%, all food pictures in my camera.

Dinner: Sizzling black pepper sliced beef, very very tender. It was my fav dish for the night.

The rest of the spread: a big pot of rich flavour pork ribs soup, vegetable cooked with three
different kinds of eggs and silky smooth claypot beancurd with chicken.

Day 2. Making our way to brunch.

Dome cafe in Malaysia has their own local menu. Both my friends had their signature nasi
lemak which was good. The eggs benedict i had was way below average. Luckily it was the
only lousy food i had on this trip.

Oops! Caught spying.

Parkson Pavilion Department store has the weirdest pose mannequins ever... Our
favourite was Miss Neck Sprain in the first pic. We went separate ways to shop for an hour
and she was our meet up point lol

Window shopping and ice cream break at The Gardens Mall.

The dinner that we were all looking forward to: Hawker fare at Jalan Alor.

The dishes deserved a closed up pic each but that will make you really hungry, so i will
post just two here – the very tasty char kway teow with pieces of cuttlefish and super juicy
barbeque chicken wings nomomnom

Last day lunch – Malaysia famous Sun Fong Bak Kut Teh at Medan Imbi. A big pot of
steaming hot soup, perfect for rainy day :)

Bak Kut Teh is usually not my favourite choice of food as it was too meaty. But this version
with lots of vegetables and mushroom makes it really good. The vegetables, soaked in rich
herbal soup, was very tender and juicy. i chose steamed yam rice to go with it, it was such a
perfect combination that i finished the whole bowl of rice! It was really scary as i cannot
remember when was the last time i finished a whole bowl of rice... probably 10 years ago?

Time to exercise more. A lot more!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 16 – 18 Sep 2011

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