Wednesday, September 14, 2011

circus of life

“Featuring real narratives based on conversations with elderly people, this puppet and video installation is the result of a four day workshop. The students developed storyboards which formed the basis for Papermoon artists’ creation of set and puppets.”

Circus of Life Exhibition
by Papermoon Puppet Theatre and Students from ITE Tampines
(Indonesia and Singapore)
Esplanade Tunnel
12 August – 25 September 2011

Maybe the primary intent of this project was to bridge the gap between youths and the older generation (read here), but i viewed it with a heavy heart. The weathered faces of the puppets reminded me how hard the elderly in Singapore has to work when they should be enjoying life at this age. It is quite scary to know that, as an average Singaporean, this is probably the same life that i’ll end up with too – In order to survive, we have to keep on working till the day we die, isn’t it ironic?

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