Saturday, November 13, 2010

“mmm... our sandwich is so delicious!”

Maybe it was the beautiful park... maybe it was the awesome weather... the three of us
were in fabulous mood that day.

We were having a picnic at Kings Park when one of my friends suddenly said proudly:
“Mmm... our sandwich is so delicious!” And the two of us agreed readily and even joked
that the crow must be eyeing our food as it has been loitering around since we arrived.
The night before, we had stopped by the supermarket to pick up the ingredients and woke
up early in the morning to prepare the sandwich ourselves. It was just a simple sandwich...
with some lime and black pepper chips, cherry tomatoes and strawberries to go with.
Thinking back, it was quite funny – we had sounded as though making the sandwich was
such a great accomplishment.

Perth, Kings Park and Botanic Garden


Jo said...

i can almost imagine the conversation! haha! it's the crazy-becky-effect.

one little journey said...

we got to enjoy free entertainment as long as she's around!