Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it’s crystal clear!

Above are few more photos from the dolphin watch. After returning to land, we went straight
to the cafe for some hot drinks and snacks to warm our body before heading to the beach
where we’ve been eyeing on our way to the boat since morning.

The water was cold and unbelievably clear, making the duck* looked as though it’s floating
in air. *Correction: they are seagulls, not ducks. i saw my friend’s photo description on fb
and realised i’ve mistaken the seagulls as ducks lol!

i wish we had proper attire to walk across the sandbar that leads to Penguin Island. We saw
a few groups of people on their way and it looked really fun. Hopefully there will be a chance
to do it next time.

After like hundreds of photos, we got off the beach for some lunch and souvenir shopping.

And finally at around 2-ish, it was time to leave. We were the only passengers taking the
Wild Encounters transport back to the city. Hence, everyone got too relax and fell asleep

Rockingham (South of Perth), Australia
31 Oct 2010


jooja! said...

do you colour treat your photos individually or it's a setting?

one little journey said...

these were taken from iphone hipstamatic apps, no further colour adjustment.

jooja! said...

so nice... and how come i don't get notifications when you leave a comment? do you normally get one?

i also don't get a notification when you post a new post. i thought following you should notify me... so strange... :(

one little journey said...

i get comment notifications through email, it can be enabled through setting.

As for new posts, they will be updated on the reading list, no notifications.