Sunday, November 21, 2010

the last of perth

Steps at Perth Cultural Centre, near The Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Point Walter. As it was low tide, the 1km curvy sandbar was pretty visible in some of the

The very useful tripod that took all our group photos, we named it Alien.

Pretty trees outside Centro Galleria.

Checking out Harbour Town.

Animal specimens at Western Australian Museum.
First photo: skeleton of elephant / Last photo: gorilla and human

Specimens of butterflies. There were hundreds (or even thousands) of them.

Museum cafe break.

London Court.

Buying drinks at Carousel Shopping Centre.

City centre, along Murray Street and Hay Street.

The city was getting ready for Christmas.

Pretty candies and cupcakes.

These are the last batch of photos from Perth. Now, i can give my full attention to a personal
project that i’m currently working on.

Perth, Australia
30 Oct – 7 Nov 2010


odchudzanie said...

Those all pictures are fantastic and your blog is very good - i like, have bookmarked and will come back soon, greetings.

one little journey said...

hello odchudzanie, i have no idea how i miss out this lovely comment till now. thank you for visiting :-)