Saturday, June 5, 2010

picturesque westlake

The sunset, the boat ride, the company... almost everything was awesome at Westlake, Hangzhou.
(well, that is if i choose to remember just the good part...)

Hey there duckling!

Big head glowing under the sun :-p

Off we go!

Enjoying the breeze.

A homely decorated boat with lace table cloth and floral print cushion.

Cool fresh water.

This is only a small part of the lake and i would love to return to explore the other areas in future (especially the voted Ten Scenes of Westlake). HOWEVER, i am not too sure if i can brave through the scary traffic in Hangzhou again. The car accident that we met has sure top the list of ‘the most unforgettable’ on this cursed trip.

11am (curse no.1) : A very old 5-seater rented car instead of the agreed 7-seater arrived to take us to Hangzhou. The driver speeded at 160km/hr and the drive was hot and uncomfortable but at least we arrived unscathed.
1.30pm (curse no. 2) : The accommodation that we booked turned out to be fully booked and we had to move to another very rundown motel.
3pm (curse no. 3) : Can’t find a decent place to have lunch by the time we settled down as most of the restaurants were closed between 2 to 6pm.
4.30pm (curse no. 4) : It took forever to get a taxi to Westlake.
6pm (curse no. 5) : Again, it took forever (but slightly better) to get a taxi to leave Westlake.
8.30pm (curse no. 7) : Car accident in the middle of a junction on the way to the touristy HeFang Street.
9.30pm : Finally settled down to have dinner.
11.30pm : Back to the ugly motel

But i guess it wasn’t that bad afterall, at least we are all still alive and kicking.

– Day 3 in Shanghai (Hangzhou)

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Jo said...

it's always an 'experience' - the good & the bad. ;p