Wednesday, June 16, 2010

nothing but a bully

1. late lunch with a friend. 2. my niece clinging onto me, acting sweet.
3. researching at Botanic Garden. 4. an iced ribena break

Had a really unpleasant encounter at one of the biggest agencies that i freelanced recently. i was working on my laptop when a caucasian woman suddenly appeared and demanded to know who i was. The first thing she said to me was: “WHO ARE YOU?” without having the courtesy to introduce herself first or at least a How you doing. i was taken aback by her loud and harsh tone but quickly recomposed and replied her calmly, never expect her next question to be: “WHO TOLD YOU TO SIT HERE?” What the hell? i don’t think i have done anything wrong to deserve her rude interrogation attitude.

After the whole incident, i realised that it was all about my race, not me as an individual (i was placed at a desk that belonged to another caucasian who was on leave for the week). Racism is a common issue and i had my share of unfair treatment long time ago (which was almost forgotten) – the first few months when i was in London back in 1998 was really bad. i guess by the second year, i looked tough enough and was spared from further racist bullying (i visited again in year 2007, not only there wasn’t a trace of racism left... at least i didn’t come across any, the people i met was very polite and helpful). And now in 2010, i couldn’t believe that i would encounter it again, this time in my own country and in the creative industry that i have been working for so many years.


angela said...

That is really awful, what a mean woman! I'm sorry to hear that you would be subjected to such racism. It makes me made just hearing about such an incident so I can't even imagine how mad and upsetting it must make you feel!

I hope good ol' karma teaches that nasty lady a lesson!

Jo said...

o no!!! doesnt she realize her 'big company' also employs a whole bunch of asians too? she should just go back home and stay home!!@#