Friday, June 11, 2010

let’s talk about sg pavilion

Theme: Urban Symphony
Friends had been asking me about Singapore Pavilion since i returned from the Expo and i felt somewhat obliged to write about it. i have been putting it off for a month and now, i think i’m ready to revisit my SG pavilion experience. i didn’t take many photos inside the pavilion, so most of the interior photos used here are from my friend’s camera.

At first, i was all enthusiastic about visiting the pavilion and even took a nice lomo effect photo on my iphone, wanting to tweet about it when i was queuing outside.

The exterior of the pavilion did look interesting and it was one of the more popular pavilions at zone B area. The queue was long, only second to Australia which was next to it.

We were each given a fan at the entrance with a durian head mascot.

The first exhibit hall was about ‘jumping and more jumping’ or at least that was the impression that i got. Images of food, architectures, products and fashion appeared on different screens in the cone-shaped columns as the visitors jumped. i wondered what was the connection between jumping, music and these images.

Since none of us was interested in jumping exercise, we decided to proceed to the second floor... AND there was a queue to go up.

Making our way up the ramp to the second floor was nothing but long (not in terms of distance) and boring. We were stopped at several points to queue again and again (reminds me of the traffic checkpoints on weekends around clubbing area). And along the corridor, there were informations scattered on the wall – On education: figures on student drop out rate, teachers per institution, numbers of students per teacher etc. On living: total land area, built up area, agricultural area blah blah blah (yawn). i guess there might be people who will be interested in these information, but reading small text on the wall while moving and queuing? Hello? i can’t even be bothered with perfect lasik eyesight. i think these informations are more relevant if listed on a website or on a printed material. Photographs or videos on the wall would have been more appropriate and interesting. At least it could keep the visitors occupied while queuing.

Finally we reached the second floor and seated in an auditorium with big curved screen. We were told not to take any photos in there. i wondered why (again) as i was pretty sure there wasn’t any top secret information. Minutes later, an MTV about living in Singapore started playing. Although i did like the song (and Stef was very pretty in the MTV) but i felt cheated having to queue so long just to watch that. It was an MTV, not a film with chronological events where the audience need to view from beginning till end. Can’t they just loop the MTV? Make the screen higher, and let the audience move around the auditorium (we don’t need to be seated to view MTVs), enter and leave whenever they want to? This would have saved a lot of time queuing both inside and outside the pavilion.

After the MTV, we queued (AGAIN!) to go up to the third level where there’s a sky garden with no orchids or Vanda Miss Joaquim. Some Singapore flowers would have been nice, wouldn’t it? My friends and i headed straight towards the exit as soon as we can, too much time had been wasted in this pavilion.

i took one shot before i stepped out of the pavilion just in case i decided to blog about it. Overall, i was very disappointed with Singapore Pavilion. i can’t relate the theme, music to the overall experience. And personally, i don’t think it was worth queuing so long just to ‘jump’ and view an MTV :-(

Rate: Check it out ONLY if there’s no queue
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Jo said...

u finally did it! keke... ;p

i think the best thing about it was probably the Singapore food instant mix selling outside the pavilion! haha!

one little journey said...

yes, finally :-)