Friday, February 5, 2010

in his own world

Guess who?

It’s Yoga Lin!

i love the way he sang – totally into the songs, lost in his own world. AND, his live singing was fantastic! He is one of the few chinese music artists that i own a CD... well, i got his first album at least.

My concert kaki and i were chatting about how easy it was to memorise lyrics when we were young (yeah, i am 80 years old this year HA HA). We only need to listen to an album a few times and the lyrics will be stored in the brain magically, totally effortless. But again, there wasn’t much things on our mind then – less work, less worries and we have all the time in the world to sit through listening to an album from beginning till end (ok ok, i admit these are excuses for trying not to admit it has to do with age). Although listening to music is still an everyday activity, but it has moved to more of a background role, ie. background music while working/blogging/travelling.

Well, this is what i’m going to do (very soon i hope), to do nothing but enjoying music on its own.

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kellykylie said...

迷幻宥嘉! <3 <3 <3