Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what’s in your bag?

Work (meeting).
If freelancing in agency (very seldom now), i will usually have my laptop and wacom tablet/pen too.

Play (shopping/movie/museum/lunch/dinner/almost everywhere).
Almost the same as work. Replaced thumb drive and namecards with lipstick and recycle bag.

Sometimes with my cosmetic pouch if i plan to go out after that.

Dinner/coffee (usually for no-hassle one stop venue).
i must have at least five of the same Kiehl’s lipbalm, some in tub packaging, colourless. My lips are dry and i use it whenever i remember, usually several times a day and before i sleep.

Grocery shopping or quick lunch/dinner near my place.
i have two of these Baby Roo totes from Japan, the other one is in black with a cool looking dog print, both for at least six years now. The handles have turned yellow and it’s quite embarrassing to bring out. But i just couldn’t stop using them.

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