Monday, November 2, 2009

She loves wearing one side of my slippers

My niece knows my morning routine very well – The minute i open my bedroom door, she will run to hold my hand and walk me to the bathroom. And whenever she has the chance, (usually when i was taking my shower) she will wear my slippers and walk around the house. Once i came out from the shower, she will ‘share’ one side of my slippers with me and walk me back to my room where she mimics the way i put on moisturiser and comb my hair. Next, she will walk me to the breakfast table, ready to share my food.


Mrs. Lee said...

you have a understudy. hahah.

buay tahan, so cute!

Jo said...

hahaha... she's sooo cute! i know u dont think she's an angel...but she's sounding like a real angel. haha! ;p

Jo said...

"angel", that is.

one little journey said...

kelly: she can be very detailed sometimes - she knows the difference between applying eye and face moisturizer, and her action is always damn funny.

Jo: ok, i agree... but she's angel one minute, demon the next :-)