Monday, November 23, 2009

fine weather + good food + great company

= Bliss.

Rise and shine. Cab. Dim Sum brunch. Chinese tea. Lobby. Discuss ‘where next’. Lift to carpark. Drive. Cafe. Window view. Sea. Latte. Dessert. Walk. Breeze. Autumn Sea. Crooked buildings. Marcelo Fernan lookalike bridge. Crystal clear water. Cafe number two. Latte (again). Drizzle. Sharing beef stew. Picture. Ran into LY. Wedding venue. Big group ‘Bengawan Solo–ntuc–potluck’ kids arrived, ordered nothing, occupied table as if it’s their home. Jaw-drop. Laugh. Bill that took at least 10 mins to arrive. Drive. Train. Search. Design Festival catalogue. Shop. Earrings. Membership card expired. Train. Home.

Sounds like a lot but it was really just a relax day. One of my best weekends :-)