Monday, March 26, 2012

weekend artwalk

i jumped at the chance to visit the quiet, laid back Wessex estate when i learnt that there will be 14 art studios opening to the public over the weekends. Apparently, it’s an annual event since 2006, i didn’t know how i could have miss it all these years.

Here are some of the pictures taken yesterday... not that many this time round as i didn’t get the chance to ask for photography permission from all the artists. Also, it started raining soon after we got there and so, not many of the estate too.

The first studio that i visited belonged to Marisa Keller. i first came to know about her work from OH! Open House exhibition in 2009. Her works were amongst my favourite but i didn’t manage to get her name then. However, when i stepped into her studio yesterday, i recognised her style almost instantly. What a pleasant surprise!

Some pictures of the estates around Woking Road.

Glimpse of an artist’s painting at the balcony.

Love the greenery around here, but not the mozzies.

CdeM Atelier & Art School. i love the Cities Of Our World series (top), every piece was layered in vibrant colours, so full of life. Also, check out the paint-splattered flooring, it has got some real character.

Jelly bean looking chairs abandoned in front of one of the buildings, breaking the otherwise black, white and green surrounding.

This is from Milica Bravacic-Milla. Her studio housed impressive artworks and interesting home decorations. It feels like there’s a gem in every corner :)

Let’s chill.

The red carpet treatment.

Black and white paintings, with a signature single spot of red, belong to the friendly artist Dick Lim, aka Chye. Definitely a style that i would remember and recognise instantly for years to come.

And lastly, view from the artist’s balcony before it started pouring real bad.

24 and 25 March 2012
Wessex Estate

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