Thursday, March 22, 2012

past weeks

Long list of pictures to sum up these few weeks.

Top: Dress & book binding thread in striking neon pink
Middle: Shoe shopping / After shoot
Bottom: Letterboxes / Cool clock (both at Red Dot Museum)

Love the colours of these pictures with Instagram filter.
Pictures taken during Occupy Tiong Bahru art walkabout.

Eating in JB

Top: Latte / Elmer fudge aka ugly cake (both from NYDC)
Middle: : Late night at Crazyworld cafe / Lunch date with myself
Bottom: Homemade grilled ham & cheese sandwich / Lettuce & orange salad

Dining by the seaside at Chit’s Bar and Restaurant

Midnight drinks at The Coastal Settlement

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Cassandra Marie said...

So many instagram goodies! :) I love the section with the latte shot!