Monday, January 30, 2012


Below are three separate conversations that i had over text messages.

Message 1 (from an unfamiliar number)
A: U know this program called fontographer or anything similar. That is a program that u
can use to create fonts. Have u use something like that before? Because i remember u major
in typo. (i was into typography in college but i didn’t major)
Me: i know this software but haven’t use it b4. May i know who is this?
A: A, your XX schoolmate. Have you use any software that create fonts before?
Me: Oh hi! No, not yet. But will prolly use fontographer if need to
A: Do u know anyone from Sg that knows how to use? i just needed to find out research.
Me: No, sorry

Message 2 (a stranger that i exchanged business card with at the museum)
B: Hi, nice meeting u at 8Q. free 4 thu dinner with us? My friend is marketing head in XX.
Good food & potential client, maybe :-D
Me: Hi was nice meeting you too. And thanks for asking but i already have dinner appt.
It’s the holiday season, quite a few dinner plans. Prolly another time :)

Message 3 (An old friend, we usually catch up once or the most twice a year)
C: Free for dinner tonight? We found a Japanese restaurant at XX. Will try there.
Me: I already have appt tonight. U guys go ahead

All three messages ended abruptly. To me, it’s almost like hanging up the phone without
saying goodbye. Do you think that this is impolite? Or is this the usual way of virtual
communication these days?


jooja! said...

totally agree. no 'ok', 'alright', 'next time' or 'thank you'. rude.

one little journey said...

glad i'm not the only one who finds it odd :)