Tuesday, January 17, 2012

future proof

A contemporary art exhibition showcasing artworks of young artists from Singapore.

Hall of Mirrors by Bruce Quek. Upon exiting, i was given a printed receipt showing the number of different deaths during the time while i was at the exhibition. i stepped out of the room with a heavy heart and i don’t like it at all. Why forced feed me with this death statistic?

The Need of an Alteration, video by Andree Weschler. i guess my stomach was not strong enough, i couldn’t watch the whole thing.

Eccentric City: Rise and Fall by :phunk & Keiichi Tanaam. As you walked round the structures, the colour was reduced to black & white and back to colour again. Eccentric (city) or not, there are always different facets in life that we face.

Ka-Khé, stairwell murals by Speak Cryptic

i missed out the name of this artist. The installation was a long narrow room filled with crumpled printed papers on all walls and ceiling with total darkness seen at the end of the tunnel.

The Human Condition by Joel Yuen. i took this picture because it reminded me of my left hand that still hurts.

Thirty-One Kinds of Wonderful by Dawn Ng. Probably my favourite, simple message so straight to the point.

Missed out on the artist name again. i was contemplating whether to go into this room. It was so dark i felt a bit scare*. i managed to brave myself and stayed inside for probably 30 seconds or less.

If A Tree Falls in the Forest by Robert Zhao

Crystal City by Donna Ong.

Inside Outside by Charles Lim. Love the message behind it. A good reminder that applies to everyone.
“...While the boundaries of a country are often taken to be its shoreline, the truth is that this border is in fact an imaginary line that lies far out at sea; a imaginary line that we materialise with sea markers. The sea markers lie still while the water moves freely beneath it. There the artist suggests that perhaps these borders we have draw for ourselves over the years are not as static and unyielding as we make them out to be.”

14 January – 15 April 2012
Singapore Art Museum at 8Q

*It’s embarrassing to admit and very silly but i am afraid of the dark. This is one problem i have when visiting museums on my own... especially at 8Q, it is always so quiet and there’s not a single soul around, sometimes not even the museum attendant.

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Anonymous said...

There is a room at the end of the hallway lined with papers. I hope you went inside.