Thursday, November 24, 2011

dreaming of short hair

Tsumori Chisato Cats series is so cute

It’s been a while since we get such good weather :)

Short hairstyle is so cool. i wonder if i’ll ever have the courage to cut my hair this short

Pretty colour food

My niece performing during her last day in school... well not exactly school, it’s only a
2-hr playgroup thingy for 3 year-old

Planning for the next holiday giveaway :)

Delicious corn and crab chowder with walnut toast for tea break

Awesome typewriters on this month Smith Journal cover

Did i mention before that i love love love the blueberry muffin from Starbucks

Sudden downpour, stuck in the library

i am not against chinese nationals staying in Singapore, but there are more and more incidents that i encountered that really annoys me – they squeezed and elbowed people on the bus and mrt just to get seats; they ignored there is a queue; they talked so loudly, we at the next table can hardly hold our own conversation; they asked for directions and left without a simple word of thanks; they walked in a row occupying the whole lane across, chatting happily, oblivious to the fact that people are trying to walk/jog pass them even after we said “excuse me”; they don’t make an effort to learn and speak basic english even though they’re working in the service line. i hate it that i can’t speak my own language in my country, they should be the one trying to learn our language instead of the other way round. When i travel in China, i try my best to speak their language too. Can’t they at least put in some effort to fit into our culture? Sometimes they give me the feeling that they’re trying to turn Singapore into China.

Of course, not all chinese nationals are guilty of the above, there are also plenty of rude singaporeans around. i do welcome foreigners to stay in singapore, but let us all put in some effort and try to live in harmony on this tiny island.

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