Friday, November 11, 2011


The rain continues in November

A friend got me this interesting set of In the Forest scent from Beijing – firefly, linden,
giant sequoia, lily of the valley, dirt, snow, rain, dandelion and grass

Finally starting reading 1Q84, so far so good

Coffee breaks

Love hawker food

Patterns in front of traffic light crossing

Packing for Hong Kong trip... for which i am already back

1. waiting (in Singapore) for my sis to pick me up to the airport
2. low fat brunch on SQ (sg to hk), the sweet potato mash was quite good
3. low fat dinner on SQ (hk to sg), i only had some of the fruits
4. waiting (in hong kong) for airport transfer

The plane that flew me to Hong Kong

i didn’t realise today’s date is 11.11.11 till a friend forwarded me one of those mass
wishing messages just a while ago. To me, today is just another day, the number thingy
doesn’t mean anything special to me.

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Cassandra Marie said...

Ohh those scents sound wonderful! I'd love to try the rain and snow ones! :) Happy Friday!