Sunday, June 19, 2011

first, and last

My first visit... and probably the last, to the nostalgic looking Bukit Timah Railway Station.

Disappearing types on the old signage.

Another first: walking and checking out details on the railway tracks.

Can you spot the station master? He was chatting with a friend on the platform.

The red bricks station building looked quite well maintained when viewed from the front and right side... however, on it’s left side, the wall looked weathered and abandoned with peeling paint .

The station office.

Entrance of the station.

The manually operated signalling room.

A small corner on the right side of the station. There was a row of death threatening looking hooks outside the window and i can’t figure out its usage. They looked like torturing weapons to me.

Heart-shaped leaf plants along the side of the tracks.

Me, pretending to wait for the train.

Finally, an approaching train that was late for almost 55 mins (yawn!). The station master was getting ready to exchange the key token.

Took a few random shots as the train passes by and caught myself in one of them. The token exchange happened in a split second and the whole train passes by in just under 5 seconds.

Shortly after, there was another approaching train... most likely for cargo as there was only one or two cabins.

Glad i made it to this station and witnessed a piece of history before it closes on 1 July 2011.
A well-spent Saturday morning :)

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