Saturday, April 23, 2011

tokyo photos revisit

i was looking through my backup travel photos the other day and realised i took such bad
photos before. i am not saying that my photos are great now, but compared to those awful
photos back in 2003 (that was the year i got my first digital camera), i think i did improve
over the years.

These photos, though badly taken, brought back wonderful memories. Revisiting using the
awesome Instagram app, i’m hoping it can save these photos and give them a new life.

Tokyo, 2003
Shinjuku Station. Hello, Mr Station Staff!

A building in Shinjuku.

Coffee, and my favourite pumpkin sandwich from Pret.

The year when Kill Bill was screening.

Mount Fuji, either 5th or 6th Station. A very kind post office staff gave me two postcards
on the magnificent view of Mount Fuji.

A wedding in Meiji Shrine. The wedding couple who later posed a picture with me :-)

Meiji Shrine. Wooden plate wishes.

Totally no recollection of this photo, possibly taken in Harajuku.

Late night supper in hotel room. Half price sushi and sashimi takeaway from supermarket.

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