Wednesday, April 6, 2011

lazing around

Finally finished my assignment with the agency (woohoo!)... let’s see what i’ve been up
to these few days :-)

Went shopping with sis.

Finished a book.

Prying around the kitchen to see what mum was preparing for lunch/dinner.

Lunching at home.

My niece was the happiest to have me around the house. For two nights, i brought her
out for desserts after dinner.

And homemade chocolate fondue on the third night.

Fooling around with her in the house.

And we made animals origami.

Accompanied dad to a minor day surgery.

Found a small stall that was tucked at the corner of the Eye Centre selling cheap and
decent coffee.

Finally back to my yoga regimen after 3 months... now i’m aching like hell.

Walking my favourite lane under my favourite tree :-)

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