Wednesday, April 7, 2010

more than enough

i did major shoes cleaning and packing today. Spent about 3 hours and perspired like crazy. Hate the weather! Sorry i can’t stop complaining about the heat, it always make work harder by at least ten times. Anyway, below are all the shoes that still remains after the last major cleaning (i’ve given some away over the past few years).

There was a time when i spent too much on shoes. The most expensive pairs here are from Chloe and Marc by MJ which costed $690 and $650 respectively (if i remember correctly). Glad i’m out of that insane stage now.

i’ve stop wearing more than half of the lot here, but can’t bear to part with them as they are still in good condition. And i don’t think it’s a good idea to give away shoes that have been worn too many times.

i wear these most often! Sneakers are the best, aren’t they?

All cleaned and packed :-)

i’m glad i have cut down (a lot) shoe shopping these two years. This post will continue to remind me that i have more than enough shoes to wear and i should really stop buying. So Jo, please stop me from buying shoes when in Shanghai... ok, maybe not more than two pairs :-p


Mrs. Lee said...

I thot I had too much shoes... you make me feel so much better! I am going to ask Lee Chao to see this entry so he will stop berating me about my shoes!!!

one little journey said...

that's wat my neighbour's reaction when he walked passed yesterday. relieved that his wife doesn't has as many pairs. and he only saw a fraction of the lot.

i have now landed myself on "the bad side" after this post.

jooja! said...

the most expensive pair is the white pair! SGD950!!!

one little journey said...

huh! is it??! *faint*

Jo said...

okay... i can bring you to buy 10 pairs of cheap shoes! just treat them as disposable shoes! no heartache when part! haha!

one little journey said...

haha! ok set!

KIKILALA said...

Wow! That is a lot of shoes!!